Nathania Frandinata

Identity Collection

A collection of logo marks and the applications that represent the brands.


3D SIMO is a 3D printing pen, precision solder, burner and cutter all in one! It's better in comparison to other 3D pens because its interchangeable extensions allow the user to use more features.

Key Words: Innovative, modern, practical.
Target Audience: Design students and tech-savvy people, mainly millennials. 



Buddytruk offers you new furniture moving help and local delivery on demand with a few taps on your phone.

Key Words: Innovative, modern, practical.
Target Audience: College and universities students, people around the age of 18-40. 



Chocolove is a chocolate manufacturer with headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Boulder, Colorado, founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Timothy Moley. The company produces all-natural and organic chocolate bars.
Key Words: Organic, poetic, whimsical. 
Target Audience: People ages 16-25, mainly women— who are health conscious.